remove node in a tree does not maintain its level

in my tree that i am making with the help of jquery, if i remove the parent node i want its immediate children to become the parent.

But if the immediate children have sibling/siblings at same level than all the sibling should become a root node .i think it would be more clear with my example.

  • a
    • b
      • c
    • d
    • e

consider this as my tree what i want is if i remove a than b,d,e should become individual root node and c should come under b.

i am pasting my code it does achieve the root node thing but it make c as the same level of b.

       var liFirst = $(spnElement).parents('li:first');



You only want immediate children (not all descendants), so instead of .find() use .children() here, like this:

var liFirst = $(spnElement).parents('li:first');


Also note the use of .closest() instead of .parent() with :first, it's just a cheaper/shorter way to get the same element.

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