How do I hide the display value of a column in a datawindow when the column value is zero

The question says it all. To clarify: I am not trying to hide the whole column, I just want to hide the display value when it is being equal to zero.

Any help is appreciated!!!

Thanks in advance.


One interpretation of what you're saying is to make the format mask end in a pound sign, like #,###. Another interpretation would be to make a Visible expression dependent on the value of the column, like (untested) if (*colname*=0, '0', '1'). I'm guessing you're after the former.

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It is worth knowing that you can specify four different format masks for one datawindow column. You simply create up to four masks separated by semicolon.

Sample Format Mask: $#,##0.00;RED;#;'null'

  1. Positive Values use $#,##0.00
  2. Negative Values use RED
  3. Zero Value use #
  4. Null Value uses 'null'

Produces These Result:

123.01 --> $123.01

-123.01 --> ($123.01) in red text

0 -->

null --> null

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