web development testing?

what's the best way to have multiple version of internet explorer on my computer for web development testing?

I see IE Collection and TredoSoft. Are there other good ones?


IE Collection has issues IIRC when you have IE8 installed it kills editable textboxes in the IE6 image...

IETester is pretty good, but doesn't handle popup window interaction very well at all.

Spoon.net used to have awesome standalone IE versions but Microsoft shut them down

Unfortunately the best bet at the moment is to use the free Microsoft Virtual PC application and images of the Windows/IE environments you want. (they are time bombed though, so you'll need to re-download/re-configure them about every 3months or so.

There is also Microsoft Super Preview... but this (AFAIK) only lets you see basic visual differences and doesn't allow you to test interaction/JavaScript behavior.

In my experience, the only way to ensure the different versions don't mess up each other, is to keep them completely separated.

In other words, set up virtual machines with different versions of IE in each - it's time-consuming to set up, but then each can be used separately.

Just stumbled over this by googling for IE11. The best way is really to keep them seperate in VM's

Anyone should have a look at https://github.com/xdissent/ievms which is a great automatic setup for IE6 up to IE10.

It also refers to http://www.modern.ie/ where you can let others test, use a browser plugin or also get the VM's

You may need to do so, to test how a website looks in the different IE versions. I would recommend to do this via Microsoft’s Internet Explorer Compatibility Test Tool, Windows XP Mode, Windows Virtual PC VHDs, Utilu IE Collection or IETester. I read about this web development testing in the articles of Iflexion blog. But I don't remember where it was exactly(

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