MongoDB - mongohub gui - queries by _id objectid type

I am using MongoHub GUI for MongoDB:

I would like to be able to query by ObjectId as this is what MongoHub is returing for _id. How to do this, something like {"_id":"4d1b4687a6d5437619000000"} is not working??

cheers, /Marcin


try following code:

{"_id": ObjectId("4d1b4687a6d5437619000000")}

check this for more details

It looks as if MongoHub is broken in the case of supplying a function in a query (ObjectId, as galimy rightly suggested). If you enter the query as galimy suggested, then copy and paste the full query that MongoHub says it's going to execute (grayed out above the Query text input) into a connected mongo CLI console, it works fine.

I would recommend learning to use the mongo console -- I've found two bugs in 5 minutes of playing with MongoHub, and when you're typing in JSON for your queries anyway the GUI is doing very little for you.

OK, it has been fixed in recent MongoHub release. Cheers

{"_id": { $oid: "4d1b4687a6d5437619000000"}} definitely should work. Java MongoDB driver implicitly creates ObjectId object in the object has '$oid' property. Also all the same is for date using '$date' property.

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