Can we get the (building) dependencies of some variant in one package in Macports?

Macports is kinda helpful in lots of way, and I am wondering can we get the dependency list in advance before we install a package with some variants?

For example, what dependencies if I install vim with variants: +huge +tcl ?



port deps vim +huge +tcl

That should list all the dependencies.

Even better:

port rdeps vim +huge +tcl

This recursively lists all dependencies, i.e. it also lists the dependencies of the dependencies, whereas port deps only lists the dependencies of vim.

If you only want to list the dependencies that you haven't yet installed:

port list rdepof:vim +huge +tcl and not installed

rdepof:vim +huge +tcl means the recursive dependencies of vim, while and not installed filters out the packages you already got.

Alternatively, you can perform a "dry run" installation. This means that the exact installation procedure is followed, only without actually building and installing the packages.

port -y install vim +huge +tcl

If you have graphviz installed, you can use to make a pretty picture showing the tree (what requires what).

./ 'vim +huge+tcl'

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