jquery sort out li

I have code

<ul id="list">
 <li class="header">test</li>

I need execute this code

(use jquery)

var items = $("#list li");

$.each(items, function (key, value) {
 if ($(value).hasClass(".header")) { 
    ... Do Something ...

this code doesn't work, because value == 'test'

Excuse, my English is awful


You are using a . in your hasClass functon while passing class name. Change it to:

var items = $("#list li");  
    $.each(items, function (key, value){  
        if ($(value).hasClass("header")){      
            //Do Something

I don't know what you mean by value == 'test'. There's nothing like that in your question.

Your $.each() is missing its closing ).

Also, your .hasClass should not include the . in the class name.

So this:


should be:


Although, if you're interested in running code against only the items that have a class, just do a .filter() before .each().

items.filter('.header').each( function (key, value) {
    ... Do Something ...

If you have no other use for the collection, then you could modify the selector like this:

$('#list li.header').each( function (key, value) {
    ... Do Something ...

But only if you have no other need to cache all of the <li> elements.

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