CeleryCAM not working… - Django/Celery

celery works wonderfully! :) e.g. results are returned with no problems!

Unfortunately celerycam does not:

This is what my panel looks like, celeryev looks the same.

NB: all those tasks have been completed succesfully, they are just not showing as completed, and the names are not showing either.

I'm usingthe following commands:

python manage.py celeryd -l info -E

python manage.py celerycam

My BROKER is RabbitMQ


Django, Celery and RabbitMQ are running on a clean Ubuntu 10 install.

Any ideas folks? Would be amazing if someone could help me on this one :|


You can only run one monitor at a time (this is changing in the next version, 2.2). Make sure you don't have any left over celerycam/celeryev processes running, or upgrade to the development version (it is in freeze now, and is already well tested).

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