Camera Stream in Flash Problem

Please help me fill the question marks. I want to get a feed from my camera and to pass it to the receive function. Also in flash builder(in design mode) how do I put elements so they can play a camera feed?? Because as it seems VideoDisplay just doesn't work

public function receive(???:???):void{
//othercam is a graphic element(VideoDisplay)   
othercam.??? = ????;


private function send():void{

var mycam:Camera = Camera.getCamera();
//sendstr is a stream we send           
//we pass mycam into receive


    public function receive():void
    video = new Video(put-width-here, put-height-here);
    video.attachCamera(mycam); // mycam needs to be a class variable, not local to "send()";

    mybitmap = new BitmapData(fill parameters here);


    public function update() {
    // do stuff to your bitmap here...

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