getting info out a key-value field sql

I try to write a sql query to get some info out a "key-value" field.

  • Example of field: A<1,?,'wfinitiation'=A<1,?,'DocID'=56581,'DocVersion'=0>>

Is it possible with a SQLfunction to select only the DocID?

  • Result in the example would be: 56581

Which function can I use?



If you need to query the individual values contained in this column you should consider extracting the information and storing it in a relational format. Currently you are violating 1st Normal Form.

That said you can use substring and charindex for this.

SET @key='DocID';

SET @Search='''' + @key + '''=';

WITH your_table(col)
     AS (SELECT 'A<1,?,''wfinitiation''=A<1,?,''DocID''=56581,''DocVersion''=0>>')

SELECT Substring(col, Charindex(@Search, col) + Len(@Search),
              REPLACE(col, '>', ','), Charindex(@Search, col)) - (
              Charindex(@Search, col) + Len(@Search) )) AS value
FROM   your_table  

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