save webpages for offline browsing

i am trying to create an android application that saves webpages to use it in offline-browsing, i was able to save the webpage but the problem was in the contents (images, javascripts,..etc), is there a way to do so programmatically, i use eclipse and test my work on an emulator.


hm, I am afraid you should parse html's yourself (I mean do that with a properly lib) and store all resources (css, js, images, videos etc.) too. s. how it is done in a java crawler: open source crawlers

You will need to search for all images, javascript files, css files, etc... and download them, saving them to the same relative path to the HMTL files - Assuming the html is coded with relative paths (images/image.png) and not absolute paths (

You can pretty easily search the html string for <img, <script, <link etc.. and parse from there - or you can find a 3rd party html parser

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