Best programming language to write a Windows File Manager app

I would like to write my own file manager i.e. something like what XYplorer or Free Commander does but with a feature set that's more helpful to programmers.

What's the best language to write this. I'm basically looking for a language that has both rich GUI libraries and a nice wrapper library over the Windows Shell API.

I tried with C#, but writing my own PInvoke wrapper layer over Shell32.dll is a PITA I'm that I'm hoping to leapfrog over, so that I can get down to actually writing the app itself.


I'll second aku's recommendation for Delphi. It actually comes bundled with demo apps for working with the Windows shell. The whole Delphi VCL is basically a giant wrapper to make Win32 API calls trivial.

Here's a good reference with lots of examples. Turbo Delphi is free, but I don't know if it includes the demos I mentioned.

Since you're going to write GUI app, I would recommend to look for a tool with a good support for GUI development. not a specific language. In my opinion VisualStudio (WinForms\WPF) or Delphi whould be a perfect match for this task. As for PInvoke, you can use site to avoid writing wrappers yourself. Also you can write Windows Shell related code using managed c++ it allows to mix winapi with .net code.

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