Easy way to pdf a web report

We are trying to create a web reporting system, with the standard flash chart's, one of the major requirements is that this report must be emailed to customers on a regular schedule as a PDF file.

Does anyone know of either

  • An easy tool to point at the webpage and pdf it, including flash charts
  • Another way of doing this?

We have tried sql server reporting in the past and found it to be a little slow and generally the charting is a little unpretty.

Any help is appreciated.


If your web reporting system is being built using .NET you may want to look into ABCpdf Component for .NET which can be found here. I am not sure if it works with flash charts, as at my work we use charts that are images, but give it a try.

What is your envirnment like? You could try using itext or itextsharp to build PDF files. Crystal Reports is another option, but maintaining separate report files could be a pain in the ass.

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