Does Boost::Jam (bjam) have a “question mode”?

I use Code::Blocks with Boost::Jam. A recent update to C::B added some new "custom makefile" commands, one of which is "ask if rebuild is needed". According to this message, it's meant to call make in a "question mode":

-q, --question ‘‘Question mode’’. Do not run any commands, or print anything; just return an exit status that is zero if the specified targets are already up to date, nonzero otherwise.

Unfortunately, the Boost::Jam documentation doesn't mention such a mode in bjam. I've gotten around it by using this command for it...

bjam -error

...which forces bjam to return an errorlevel of 1 (because it doesn't recognize the option -e) and makes C::B always run the build command, but I'd prefer to use it as it was intended.

My question: does bjam have such a "question mode" and I just haven't found it, or is there some way in the Jamfile to make it work that way? The -n option doesn't work because it always returns zero, which C::B interprets as "all files up-to-date."


Apparently it doesn't.

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