Fluent-NHibernate mapping

In my database I have field containg a comma delimited list of emails. How would I map that to a IList<string> in my model ?


You should implement an IUserCollection, which would map your CSV column to an actual list of emails, then serialize it back on save.

The table in question is not even First Normal Form, which is bad.

The only way you can possibly do that is something along these lines:

class Foo
	private List<string> emails = new List<string>();		

	public string _Emails 
		get { return string.Join(",", emails.ToArray()); }
		set	{ emails = new List<string>(value.Split(',')); }

	public IList<string> Emails
		get { return emails; } 			

and map _Emails property.


One more solution is implemention your own IUserType or IUserCollection. Thus your model will be much prettier.

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