How do you make a build that includes only one of many pending changes?

In my current environment, we have a "clean" build machine, which has an exact copy of all committed changes, nothing more, nothing less.

And of course I have my own machine, with dozens of files in an "in-progress" state.

Often I need to build my application with only one change in place. For example, I've finished task ABC, and I want to build an EXE with only that change.

But of course I can't commit the change to the repository until it's tested.

Branching seems like overkill for this. What do you do in your environment to isolate changes for test builds and releases?

@Matt b: So while you wait for feedback on your change, what do you do? Are you always working on exactly one thing?


So you are asking how to handle working on multiple "tasks" at once, right? Except branching.

You can have multiple checkouts of the source on the local machine, suffixing the directory name with the name of the ticket you are working on. Just make sure to make changes in the right directory, depending on the task...

Mixing multiple tasks in one working copy / commit can get very confusing, especially if somebody needs to review your work later.

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