Identifying lastclick in JavaScript

I need to get the last click arguments.

My JavaScript code:

 <a href="#" onclick="show(fid1,1);">Link1</a>
 <a href="#" onclick="show(fid2,2);">Link2</a>
 <a href="#" onclick="show(fid3,2);">Link3</a>

Now I need another JavaScript function that finds out the last click of show function's arguments. How can I do it?

function LastclickId(){


If I understand your question correctly, you want to keep track of the most-recent arguments to show(), right? If that's indeed what you want to do, you could add two variables to your global namespace and just assign the values whenever you call show():

last_foo = 0; // Global namespace
last_bar = 0;

function show(foo, bar) {
    last_foo = foo;
    last_bar = bar;


Then in any function on that page, you can get the values from last_foo and last_bar.

If you don't like to have global variables around, you can wrap your related methods into a single object:

var yourObject = function () {

  // private members...
  var lastClicked;

  function setLastClicked(id, n) {
    lastClicked = id + "," + n

  return {

      // public members...
      show: function (foo, bar) {
          // ....
          setLastClicked(foo, bar);

      getLastClicked: function(){


Set a global variable in the show function. Then read it in the lastClickID function.

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