.NET (WinForms) Grid Control with Collapse/Expand Capabilities

Anybody purchased/used a DataGrid/GridView control that allows Collapsing/Expanding Parent-Child relationships?

The standard DataGrid control, which I am using in .NET 2.0, seems to have limited capabilities with regards to this functionality. The newer GridView control doesn't support this at all to my knowledge.

I was thinking about developing a custom control but that could get expensive for my client..

I need this control for WinForms (not ASP.NET)



We've used Janus Grids here for years, very powerful, but have recently started using Developer Express controls on new products . . . they seem to be even better (but I haven't used them much at all yet).

Both should give you what you need.

Xceed do a very full featured library for these. There are WPF and WinForms implementations.

I have had a lot of success with older versions, I haven't upgraded in a while though.

The parent child aspect is fully customizable and can go to arbitrary[1] depths.

[1] well int.MaxValue but you'd never get there

VIBlend has a hierarchical grid control which will likely address your needs. It's a WinForms implementation.

Look at 10Tec's WinForms Grid iGrid. Here is the article from the 10Tec website related to your question: http://10tec.com/articles/treeview-in-datagridview.aspx

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