What does <> mean?

I have seen this before in SQL and VB, I am now reverse engineering an Excel speadsheet and have come across the following formula:


I am converting it to ActionScript:

var result:String = [condition] ? 0 : "Insufficient";

but I am unsure of what D23 <> 0 means, is it simply "not equal"?


Yes, it means "not equal", either less than or greater than. e.g

If x <> y Then

can be read as

if x is less than y or x is greater than y then

The logical outcome being "If x is anything except equal to y"

It means not equal to. The same as != seen in C style languages, as well as actionscript.

Yes in SQl <> is the same as != which is not equal.....excepts for NULLS of course, in that case you need to use IS NULL or IS NOT NULL

Yes, it's "not equal".

"Does not equal"

I instinctively read it as "different from". "!=" hits me milliseconds after.

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