Good examples of WPF applications

I just starting to learn Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and I am interested in seeing some great examples of WPF applications. These can either be applications written entirely for showcasing WPF features or production applications written in WPF.

The source code would need to be available. Does anyone have any suggestions?


I would look at BabySmash. It is a project created with the intention of learning WPF.

Definately Billy Hollis's StaffLynx Application he has a full demo on DnrTv Billy Hollis on Getting Smart with WPF

Billy Hollis has a video that everyone can see demonstrating the StaffLynx. Remember that this is a software that has more than 4 years now... it was made in 2008!

A pretty well flushed out application is FamilyShow, about genealogy (ancestors). Maybe not the simplest but a pretty good showcase.

GitHub for Windows is amazing. souce code not available, howether there is some insight on building process

For a nice opensource project that should not be to hard to get into, because its not that big yet, check out Witty. Its a Twitter client written in WPF.

In their latest podcast some of the contributers discuss the project, the design and wpf in general: herding code

Finally checkout the SO discussion of opensource WPF apps: best-wpf-open-source-projects

You might be interested in the sample applications of the WPF Application Framework (WAF). They show:

  • View composition

  • UI Workflow (Wizards)

  • Command binding / Shortcut Keys

  • MVVM pattern, Unit Testing

  • Validation

  • Entity Framework

  • Open/Save FileDialog

  • Print Preview / Print Dialog

  • Localization

There is also a pretty cool new twitter client using WPF called Blu

A good start would be Learn section. In particular, the BabySmash series of articles and posts will give you an excellent introduction to multiple WPF (and not only) basics and features. PhotoSuru is another example of a full-blown WPF application you can look at.

You should also at least glance through the GetStarted section. And of course, there are a lot of samples that showcase only particular features or functionality.

I'm currently slogging through Prism, the MSDN sample app for demonstrating Composite Application Guidance patterns.

Intended Audience This guidance is intended for software architects and software developers building enterprise Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) or Silverlight applications. The Prism Library is built on the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 (includes WPF) and Silverlight 4 (previous versions support .NET Framework 3.5 and Silverlight 3), and it uses a number of software design patterns. Familiarity with these technologies and patterns is useful for evaluating and adopting the Prism Library.

It's a big bag of overkill for simple apps (as their HelloWorld sample elegantly proves), but contains lots of good examples for designing larger-scale apps with WPF clients (both desktop and Silverlight).

This is written in WPF and is a large scale WPF application

Check out MailWasher Pro at which uses WPF for the UI and C++ for the backend

I personally liked very much Tasks.Show application presented in this blog post on Developing for Windows.

I just found a great WPF example application that is big enough to show all the concepts of M-V-VM and walks you through building it:


Pretty good example with MVVM and WPF

I built this non-overlapping web browser application on WPF 4.0. It's a fairly simple application, but here are the WPF features that I used:

Animations (KeyFrame and Regular) Glass Buttons Custom Shaped Window (I wanted to make use of the caption bar 'real estate')

Uses .NET 4.0 Client Profile and ClickOnce deployment.

It is also digitally signed.

An open source touch screen POS application built with wpf

Take a look at that has been pretty helpful for me. The application follows along the lines of Billy Hollis's non-linear navigation idea.

HTC has recognisable time-weather widget and there is a replica gadget for Windows 7, which I use for a couple years now.

HTC Home Apis

Jot is a good example of what is possible with WPF using MVVM from a graphical standpoint.

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