How can you save attachments in mails of Gmail to Gdocs?

Problem: to extract many pdf-attachments in Gmail to my Google Docs, and labeling each file by "Python".


One possible solution is this:

Use wireshark with the filter tcp port 80 and do your task a few times manually. Then examine the requests made by your browser in Wireshark.

Then build the script using the httplib module to automate the previously examined requests.

As I know there is a "View as HTML" link in gmail when you receive a PDF attachment. You can use that to convert the documents to google docs.

Any solution to this would be non-trivial and require programmatically reading your mail, iterating through the attachments, cracking the PDFs, opening Google docs, and transcribing the contents of one into the other. I doubt there's any pre-packaged functionality for any of that in the Google APIs, extensive though they may be.

Mailspect offers this,

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