How can I create multiple hashes of a file using only one pass?

How can I get a MD5, SHA and other hashes from a file but only doing one pass? I have 100mb files, so I'd hate to process those 100MB files multiple times.


Here's a modified @ʞɔıu's answer using @Jason S' suggestion.

from __future__ import with_statement
from hashlib import md5, sha1

filename = ''

hashes = md5(), sha1()
chunksize = max(4096, max(h.block_size for h in hashes))
with open(filename, 'rb') as f:
    while True:
        chunk =
        if not chunk:
        for h in hashes:

for h in hashes:
    print, h.hexdigest()

Something like this perhaps?

>>> import hashlib
>>> hashes = (hashlib.md5(), hashlib.sha1())
>>> f = open('some_file', 'r')
>>> for line in f:
...     for hash in hashes:
...         hash.update(line)
>>> for hash in hashes:
...     print, hash.hexdigest()

or loop over or something like that to get fixed-length blocks

I don't know Python but I am familiar w/ hash calculations.

If you handle the reading of files manually, just read in one block (of 256 bytes or 4096 bytes or whatever) at a time, and pass each block of data to update the hash of each algorithm. (you'll have to initialize state at the beginning and finalize the state at the end.)

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