ReSharper: how to NOT insert spaces after keywords, or completly disable formatting

Then I typing for example 'internal' and press Enter on autocomplete list item, space is inserted automatically after word i.e.: 'internal '. Is there a way to disable this behaviour?

Or, even better, maybe there is a way to disable completly code formatting "part" of ReSharper? I'do like it's code inspection features and tools, but I think it's bad idea to get used to its autoformatting features.


To be clear, by autoformatting here, I mean not whole document formatting (which is indeed a good feature), but rather autocomplete part of it, i.e. then you select 'Close' in autocomplete ReSharper produces 'Close();\n' while standard VS output will be 'Close'.


You can try looking under the highlighted areas in the screenshot and see if that helps you. I don't know any other way to disable auto completion.

FWIW, I agree with Holstebroe and Roger that you should find auto complete settings that work for you and your team instead of disabling them. Common code formatting is really nice to have.

This happens because ReSharper intellisense is enabled by default. If you switch it to VS intellisense (ReSharper - Options - Enviroment - Intellisense), this behavior will disappear (and all ReSharper intellisense improvements too).

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