Is there a way to increment time using javascript?

So I am storing times as '01:30:00'. I have a start time and a date time dropdown. I want the dropdown to be set to the start time + 1hr. Is there a way to add the time via javascript or jquery?

Here's my current code:



Try this:

  • find the selected index of the start time
  • bump it up by 2 to find your end time index (given that you've got half hour increments)
  • use the mod operator % to wrap back to index 0 or 1 (for 00:00 and 00:30 respectively)
        var sel =$(this).attr('selectedIndex');
        var endIdx = (sel + 2) % 48; // 47 is 23:30, so 48 should go back to index 0
        $(".end_time").attr('selectedIndex', endIdx);        

Try it out on JSBin.

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