what do i need to print from ipad/iphone?

I want my ipad/iphone app to print to a thermal printer (pos printer). It seems there is no airport express compatible thermal printer in the market. I am not sure if I could use a Mac or Windows as a printer server?

If so: 1. What kind of configuration do I need to do on iPad & Mac? 2. Do I need special software on iPad or Mac/Windows? 3. Could any USB thermal printer do the job?

Thanks in advance



I think you must use the Airport facility provided by apple in their iOS 4.2 release... Please go through this link.. this might be of some help.... This is fairly new to iOS and i really wish you would implement this. You can also see this link. Hope this helps at least to some extent.

Place it face down on a photocopier? It sounds dumb in in the first weeks of the iPad if i needed a copy of the screen that is what i did. I mean it's a solution. Not brilliant but ....

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