Why do methods with only one statement need braces?

public void Finalise()

Doesn't compile, but the correct version:

public void Finalise()

Compiles fine (of course).

If I am allowed if's without brackets when the following code has only one line:


Why is the same not allowed for methods with one following line? Is there a technical reason?


The obvious answer is the language spec; for reasoning... I guess mainly simplicity - it just wasn't worth the overhead of sanity-checking the spec and compiler for the tiny tiny number of single-statement methods. In particular, I can potentially see issues with generic constraints, etc (i.e. where T : IBlah, new() on the end of the signature).

Note that not using the braces can sometimes lead to ambiguities, and in some places is frowned upon. I'm a bit more pragmatic than that personally, but each to their own.

It might also be of interest that C# inside razor does not allow usage without explicit braces. At all (i.e. even for if etc).

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