What's a free flash IDE that supports netbeans/eclipse style shortcuts?

I tried flashdevelop and the basic flash cs5 IDE, and both fail miserably in the shortcuts department.

I am very comfortable with the netbeans set of shortcuts and want to know if there's any AS3 IDEs that would support them.

Some examples are:

ctrl+/ for toggle comment
control+shift+up/down to duplicate a line
alt+shift+up/down to move a line up and down
ctrl+D to delete a line
alt+shift+f to autoformat


FlashDevelop is the best. Quick, intelligent and powerful. Love it.

You have total control over such customizations. And honestly... if you find you actually can't make certain changes (in this case - hotkey shortcuts), accommodating the application's minor differences is a small price to pay for such an elegant programming environment, imho.

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