Mercurial equivalent of “cvs -nq update”

For those unfamiliar with CVS, cvs -nq update shows something like this.

$ cvs -nq update
M file_changed_locally.c
U file_changed_remotely.c
C file_with_conflicts.c
? untracked_file.c

I know I can use hg status to get locally modified files, and hg incoming to list changesets yet to be pulled, but is there a way to get a report like the above that combines local and remote changes at the file level?

An acceptable (but worse) substitute would be something that shows the relevant data for between hg pull and hg update.


hg summary --remote will give an overview of you repo compared against the parent of your working copy and the default paths for incoming/outgoing changes.

It will show something like:

parent: 14344:e1db8a00188b tip more explicit definition of _STD_ERROR_HANDLE
branch: default
commit: 1 modified
update: (current)
remote: 1 or more incoming
mq:     1 unapplied

However, it does not give a list of files.

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