Where in Mage Core is a product's status set?

I'm trying to extend the core to change how magento sets the status on products. Essentially, when an admin user tries to change the status of a product to disabled, I want it to check to see if the product is in stock in their EPOS system, and if it is, throw an error.

To do this, I was going to extend the model where the product status is set and rewrite that function. The problem is, I can't find this anywhere. There is nothing in magento_core_model_product. I found a function in mage_catalog_model_product_status called updateProductStatus, but this doesn't seem right either.

Does anybody know where I need to be looking to find this function?


After a bit of research, I found that Magento generates all the getters and setters pragmatically, through extensive use of the __call() function, which is called when a function that isn't defined is called.

To modify functionality of a getter or setter, simply define the function you want to modify in your rewrite of the class, and this will be called before the __call(), essentially rewriting the default functionality, in a roundabout way.

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Update (30th April 2012) - Note to people stumbling across this question from searches etc - the accepted answer is not how I ended up doing this - but I left it accepted because it might have work...

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