Reading XML from VB.Net and storing in variable

Hello I am trying to retrieve a 'tag'(Is it called that?) from an XML webpage. Once I make a post request from my app it sends a command to my online webserver and redirects me to a page that has entries that change each time. The page that im redirected to that changes each time looks something like this:

<mainpage> <id>hello</id> <random>176</random> </mainpage>

What code would I use to retrieve the id (In this case 'hello') and store it in a variable. I appreciate any help :)


in (not tested)

dim doc as XDocument = XDocument.Parse(stringContainingXML)
dim valueOfIdElement as string = (doc...<id>).first.value

You should look at the documentation for the System.Xml.Linq namespace.

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