excel graphing tool or vba solution

i have a histogram in Excel. I added a trendline to this histogram which looks like a normal curve.

(it is the image all the way to the left)

I would like to know how I can identify a datapoint on the trendline

Is there a tool that does this? The solution can be in VBA if it needs to be.


If you format the trendline, you can display the equation for the trendline on the chart. You can then copy the equation into a cell and for any value of x you input, you can calculate the y value.


I used this VBA code to programatically retrieve the equation from the trendline. Maybe it will help.

Sub ChartStuff()

    Dim cht As Chart
    Set cht = Charts("Chart1")

    Dim ser As Series
    Set ser = cht.SeriesCollection(1)

    Dim tnd As Trendline
    Set tnd = ser.Trendlines(1)

    MsgBox (tnd.DataLabel.Caption)

End Sub


To move the chart so that it is its own sheet, not an object on a worksheet, right-click on the chart object, choose the 'Move Chart' option, and select the 'New Sheet' radio button. This will create a new tab in your workbook that is only the chart. You can then refer to it by the name on the tab.

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