Weird problem with NSString initWithContentsOfFile

I have a .csv file in my bundle which I need to parse into an NSArray. The problem is when I init an NSString with contents of file (the file is located in my bundle), it returns nil. However, if I change the contents of the file, to anything else (random), it works. Is it possible there's some sort of string/character in the file that might be messing with the initialization?

It's just a simple csv file with 2 columns, a number, a comma, some text and "\n".



CSV => NSArray?

*disclaimer: I wrote it.

Works for me:

NSStringEncoding usedEncoding = 0;
NSError *csvError = nil;
NSString *raw = [NSString stringWithContentsOfURL:[NSURL URLWithString:@""] usedEncoding:&usedEncoding error:&csvError];
NSLog(@"raw: %@", raw);
NSLog(@"%@", [NSArray arrayWithContentsOfCSVString:raw encoding:usedEncoding error:&csvError]);

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