Store shell arguments in file while preserving quoting

How can shell arguments be stored in a file for later use while preserving quoting?

To be clear: I don't want to pass on the arguments in place, which could be easily done using "$@". But actually need to store them in a file for later use.

storeargs() {
    : #-)
if "$1"
    # useargs is actuall 'git filter-branch'
    useargs "$@"
    storeargs "$@"
    # without args use those from previous invocation
    eval useargs $(cat store)


$ foo 'a "b"' "c 'd'" '\'' 'd
$ foo # behave as if called with same arguments again

The question likely comes down to how to quote a string using common tools in general (awk, perl, ...). I would prefer a solution that does not make the quoted string unreadable. The content of store should look more or less like what I would specify on the commandline.

The question is complicated by the fact that the arguments/strings to be quoted might already contain any kind of valid (shell) quoting and/or any kind of (significant) whitespace, so unconditionally putting single or double quotes around every argument or storing one argument per line won't work.


Why do the heavy lifting?

storeargs() {
     while [ $# -gt 0 ]
         printf "%q " "$1"

You can now

storeargs "some" "weird $1 \`bunch\` of" params >  myparams.txt
storeargs "some" 'weird $1 \`bunch\` of' params >> myparams.txt
cat myparams.txt


some weird\ \ \`bunch\`\ of params
some weird\ \$1\ \\\`bunch\\\`\ of params

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