How to convert bool? to bool in C#?

How do you convert a nullable bool? to bool in C#?

I have tried x.Value or x.HasValue ...


You ultimately have to decide what the null bool will represent. If null should be false, you can do this:

bool newBool = (x.HasValue) ? x.Value : false;

Another way:

bool newBool = x.HasValue && x.Value;

You can use the null-coalescing operator: x ?? something, where something is a boolean value that you want to use if x is null.


bool? myBool = null;
bool newBool = myBool ?? false;

newBool will be false.

You can use Nullable{T} GetValueOrDefault() method. This will return false if null.

 bool? nullableBool = null;

 bool actualBool = nullableBool.GetValueOrDefault();

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