Working with Amazon Web Services

I have to build an online bookstore using AWS using SQS, SES and RDS services as homework but Im at a standstill. I read through the documentations about these services provided by Amazon but I cannot figure out how to make them communicate with each other and how to set up instances with the named services. SQS should be the backbone of this store. RDS should contain users and products in stock and SES is used to notification for the customer. I search google as thoroughly as I could but could not find anything related to my problem. If anyone could give me some pointers or lead me to some reading I may have missed I would be most grateful.


These services talk to each other, but they are functionally separate. You connect to and populate an RDS database the same way you'd connect to and populate any remote MySQL database. SQS and SES both are driven through the AWS API, which you tap into using the Amazon API tools:

You just create your Amazon AWS account, get your access credentials, put them into the environment variables (read the READMEs in the tools downloads) and start using them.

hope that helps.

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