Cannot close window without process associated

I'm writing and then debugging a console application in VC++ 2008, it then happens that closing Visual Studio IDE, the console window remain opened, and there is no way to close it! Also if I try a machine reboot the machine doesn't restart. The only way is turning off the power. In the process list there are no signs of the console window. If I try to investigate the console window with tools like Spy++ I found the window but in the "process" tab there is a process ID that doesn't exists, in the "General" tab the "window proc" field says "Unavailable". How is it possible? How can I kill those type of windows as there is no processe to kill?



Most annoying bug ever; get the hotfix.

Need Your Help

Traversing directories using shell script

bash shell scripting

I am trying to traverse all directories under the current directory using a shell script. In each of those sub directories, there is a makefile and I want to execute it. Any idea how to do ?

Retrieving data from core data

iphone objective-c xcode core-data xcdatamodel

I'm using an xcdatamodel to define a number of classes based upon CoreData data entities. This is working great and I can retrieve them in accordance to Apple's examples:

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