SVG inside <div> always bigger than container

I have a huge SVG file inside a DIV. I would like to scroll the SVG inside the div by clicking on a A link.

My problem is that I would like my DIV to stay smaller than my SVG document, so I can have active scrollbars. Let's say my SVG document's height is 10.000 and 1.100 width, inside a 200px x 100px DIV element. But whatever I do, my DIV element gets as big as the SVG. How can I restrain the size of my div ?

Here is my code:



<style TYPE="text/css"> 

background-color: #ededed; 
margin-top: 0px;
position: fixed;
top: 0px;
height: 500px;


<script type="text/javascript" >        
      var pos = 0;

       function  MyFtion(){
       var elem = document.getElementById('aSVG');      

       pos = pos + 100;
       elem.scrollTop = pos + 100;
       window.scroll(0,   pos);


 <body bgcolor="white" >

        <div class="header" id="MyDiv2">
        <a href='javascript:MyFtion()'>** Move s**</a> 

    <div id="oo"  height="200px" width="100px" style="margin-top:100px;overflow:scroll;" >          
            <object id="aSVG" data="out.svg"  style="margin-top:100px;overflow:hidden;" /> 


Note that I tried to add display:block; to the style of my OBJECT tag but doesnt work.

Thanks for helping,



Sometimes the height and width attributes don't work well with CSS, so try using the CSS equivalents.


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