An Dictionary or KeyValuePair without KEY constrain

I need to return a list of two values. I tried Dictionary but the first parameter is the key and in my case it will repeat. My list needs to return something like this:

Manager - John Zambers

Developer - Paul Myers

Developer - John Zambers

Tester - Mary Marie

etc... - etc...

I dont want to create my own class to represent this list. Dot.Net have a built in Type that represent it? Somethink like List()?

Thanks in advance.


You could use the System.Tuple<T1, T2> class, e.g,:

List<Tuple<String, String>> people = new List<Tuple<String, String>>();
people.Add(Tuple.Create("Manager", "John Zambers"));
// etc.

However, what's wrong with creating your own class? They can be almost self-documenting, especially in a simple case like this (e.g, it's obvious what's going to be in the Name field). For example:

public class Person
   public string Role { get; set; }
   public string Name { get; set; }

Side note: I don't know your application domain or what all the possible roles/titles you have, but if you're doing any sort of processing based on this value it looks like a good place to use an enum instead. E.g.,

public enum Roles

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