Where to store and mantain production code making it available for users to include its url

Let's say we created a small widget or web app. or just a plugin - and we want to distribute it to the public. (JS, jQuery...) ...and we have no server- or we are afraid it will close one day. ...and we'd like to provide that script like an url-to-script to be included into a script tag.Like we do with the jQ library -- Is there any provider that allows us to store codes and generates a livetime url to it?? That we can mantain, change or fix it anytime without the need to inform all users? Have Google something like that? Or am I dreaming?


You can upload on github. It's free for open-source projects, and you can even link directly to the repo's master branch; example:


(There are good reasons not to do that as a general rule — the master branch could get a breaking change committed to it, for example — but it's there if you need it.)

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