i need a script that detects all the long or continous key presses on all browsers

I have a script that detects long down key press in opera but not in firfox mozilla..Why is that happening??

Iam using this code:-

    oEvent=window.event || oEvent;

       case 38: //up arrow
       case 40: //down arrow
       case 13: //return key
       case 27: //escape key

This detects my long down key press in opera but not in mozilla .Please suggest me a solution so that my long key presses works fine in all browsers.

EDIT: from long key presses i meant continous key press here.like continous down key press.


for cross browsing use keyCode and which

var ikeyCode = oEvent.keyCode || oEvent.which ;

now you can detect in all browsers

What I'd try is to watch the keydown keyup events instead of keypress. When the keydown occurs, write the time to a variable and start a timer with setTimeout. If keyup happens within maybe 0.3 seconds (so compare the stored time with the current time when this event fires) consider it a tap and call whatever function you need to for that and clear setTimeout. If your timer reaches 3 seconds like in your example before keyup has been fired, then the user held the button down so show an alert. Hope that makes sense. I haven't tried it but it sounds good in my head. LOL

i got the solution... i was using oText.onkeydown=this.keyDown; where i should have used oText.onkeypress=this.keyDown;

Thanks all for your help!

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