Facebook OpenGraph API errors on user id lookup

Fairly simple task right?

http://graph.facebook.com/cocacola returns the ID

http://graph.facebook.com/40796308305 returns Cocacola

So I have an enigma.

http://graph.facebook.com/tacobell.careers renturns false

http://graph.facebook.com/38614264036 returns false (this is the only ID could find)

http://facebook.com/tacobell.careers does exist and pulls a page up. It has Likes and not friends so it IS a PAGE.

Can anyone find the ID and get a valid object back from openGraph API?

Thank you very much. Please enlighten me as to how you did it so I can do it in the future. Thanks again!


There is a closed-by-design Facebook bug about this. That page has demographic restrictions enabled on it. I was able to access that page using the graph api if I specify an access_token. For example, go to this page and click on one of the sample url's that use an access_token (like friends). Then change the url to tacobell.careers, leaving the access_token.

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