a composite component inside panelgrid is not 'expanded'

Basically, i've been using this pattern again and again inside a panelgrid :

<h:panelGrid columns="2" >
    <h:outputLabel for="heroName" value="Hero Name : " />
        <h:inputText label="Hero Name : "
            value="#{ccBean.data.map['heroName']}" id="heroName" />
        <p:message for="heroName" />

I notice that i duplicate things so much, like the id in h:inputText, which will be duplicated again in for="idValue" for outputLabel, and then again in p:message. The same thing happens with the inputText's label value and h:outputLabel value.

So, i was thinking about making a simple composite component to wrap these up :

    <composite:attribute name="id" required="true" />
    <composite:attribute name="label" required="true" />
    <composite:attribute name="value" required="true" />
    <composite:attribute name="includeLabel" required="false" default="false"/>

    <h:outputLabel for="#{cc.attrs.id}" value="#{cc.attrs.label}" 
            render="#{cc.attrs.includeLabel}" />
        <h:inputText label="#{cc.attrs.label}"
            value="#{cc.attrs.value}" id="#{cc.attrs.id}" />
        <p:message for="#{cc.attrs.id}" />

And then i make use of the composite components :

<h:panelGrid columns="2" >
        label="Hero Name : "
        label="Hero Name 2 : "

That composite component works fine, but the panelGrid now assumes that the s:inputText is one component. Before using the composite component, there are 2 components in one row, which is the outputLabel and the panelGroup.

Is it possible to hint the composite component to 'expand' itself in this case so that it takes up 2 columns instead of 1 column in my panelGrid ?

Thank you !


No, unfortunately not. Your best bet is to create a simple tag file instead.

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