Alternate way of using the geocoder class for getting the lat and long by giving the place name or address

i struck up with the FWD geocoder issue "service not found"in getting the lat and long of a place ,can u please help me the other way how can i get the lat and long of a place with or without using the that i can mark a location on the map using lat and long.


If you don't want to use the Android GeoCoder object, Google also provides a Geocoding Web Service, which offers a REST interface that can respond in JSON and XML formats. See for more info.

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Programmatically importing an existing project into Eclipse

java eclipse import eclipse-plugin

I am trying to importing the project to eclipse through programmatically. I dont want to use UI mode.

How do I call a constructor on a generic type within a function of a base type without its own constructor?

c# generics hash

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