Aruba with Thor, the feature fails with weird issue

Building a CLI app using Thor and Aruba as testing framework.

Posted this issue at the Aruba's issues at github but still no comments at all.

So I'm posting it here so that I can get some feedback.


There are 2 scenarios in the features/login.feature file The difference between the scenarios is that one uses Then I debug step, other doesn't.

When I run bundle exec cucumber features/, the one without debugger step fails. Aruba cannot catch the output.

But the one with debugger step, halts and when I press c to continue, Aruba can catch the output and it passes.

Banging my head since past 2 days, googled the whole earth, but couldn't find whats the issue is.

I've uploaded the repo at so that someone can see the issue.

To run the feature, just run bundle exec cucumber features.


I found the workaround myself. Thanks to those who read this issue.

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