Define relationship type in Core Data

Hello I'd like to set a relationship between two messages by adding an additional relationship type.


message2 isDuplicate message3  
message3 isSuccessor message4
message4 isPredecessor message3

The number of types is not fixed so adding an relationship for each type is not a real option. I SQL would do something like:

Message{_id_, text}
msgRelation{_msgID1_, _msgID2_, type} 
//_msgID1_, _msgID2_ foreign keys to

I hope someone can help.


It sounds like you need to add an entity to model the relationship itself.

  type:string // ...isDuplicate, isSuccessor, isPredecessor etc


The RelateType will form a bridge between any two Messages. The RelateType.type relationship will let you model any arbitrary kind of relationship. To find any particular Message objects relationships by type you just:

NSString *relateType=@"isDuplicate";
NSPredicate *p=[NSPredicate predicateWithFormat:@"type == %@", relateType];
NSSet *duplicateMsgs=[msgObj filteredSetUsingPredicate:p];

Alternatively, you can do a fetch on the RelateType entity to find all of a certain type of relationship e.g. all isDuplicate relationships.

However, usually if you find yourself doing something like this, it's because you've tried to shoehorn a SQL schema into Core Data model which is always a mistake.

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