Configure Visual Studio “Setup Project” via code

In my solution I have added a Setup Project to deploy my application. For some reason I want to configure it pragmatically not through VS wizards, that is, set “Project Output”, needed assemblies etc. via code. Also I need to make final setup file, again via code.

Thanks for your kind help.

Regards, Behzad


Have you looked at WIX? It may take longer to setup what you need initially, but will be more flexible in long term.

While not strictly an answer to your question, the Github project CLIDE is a command line utility that simplifies creating and managing Visual Studio projects, and makes it easier to manage and build projects using only the compiler (csc.exe) and msbuild.exe . Use it to create a test project that does what you need, and you should be able to figure out the rest from the files it creates.

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