SQL toggle variable in database

I have a procedure for a table in my database, but it doesn't seem to do what I want it to. Could someone check if I am doing it wrong? I am new to SQL all together.

This is my procedure. It is supposed to change admin status from 1 to 0 and from 0 to 1 when I tell it to. But for some reason it changes it and doesn't change it back :(

ALTER PROCEDURE [sesuser].[Login_Admin_Toggle]
    @loginID INT



SET @tmpId = (SELECT SESAdmin FROM [ses_users].[sesuser].[SESLogin] WHERE SESLoginID = @loginID);

IF (@tmpId = 1)
    SET @tmpId = 0
    SET @tmpId = 1

UPDATE [ses_users].[sesuser].[SESLogin]
SET SESAdmin = @tmpId   
WHERE SESLoginID = @loginID



Alex K is completely right. You set your variable to 0 then RETURN, meaning that you never get to the UPDATE statement from there.

But, on a slight tangent, you can actually do all of that in one statement...


  UPDATE [ses_users].[sesuser].[SESLogin]
  SET SESAdmin = 1 - SESAdmin
  WHERE SESLoginID = @loginID


It won't toggle back because you RETURN and so halt execution if @tmpId = 1, so its never updated to 0.

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