how do i get the member count using joins

here is my database structure

              members table




I have membershipstatusname cloumn has value is completed . can i get how many members(count) have membershipstatusname is completed starting date from membertomship_startdate.

and i have a doubt , I need to represent this on graph i hav to take days on x-axis and i hav to take members ids on y axis and i want to represent the how many members are having completed membershipstatus name with in one month......

is it possible with query

can any one help on this one


SELECT membertomship_startdate,
FROM       members  t1,

               membertomshiptable t2,
               membershipstatustypetable t3,
WHERE  t1.member_id=t2.member_id AND

            t2.mshipstatustype_id= t3.membershipstatustypetable  AND
            t2.membertomship_startdate> <specify the date here>  AND
            t3.membershipstatusname='completed' AND
GROUP BY   t2.membertomship_startdate

Could this be what you're looking for?

SELECT     `membertomship_startdate`,
FROM       `membertomshiptable`
LEFT JOIN  `membershipstatustypetable` ON
           `membershipstatustypetable`.`membershipstatustype_id` = `membertomshiptable`.`mshipstatustype_id`
GROUP BY   `membertomship_startdate`,

Or to search for "completed" membership where the "start date" is greater than certain date:

Could this be what you're looking for?

SELECT     `membertomship_startdate`
FROM       `membertomshiptable`
INNER JOIN `membershipstatustypetable` ON
           `membershipstatustypetable`.`membershipstatustype_id` = `membertomshiptable`.`mshipstatustype_id` AND
           `membershipstatusname` = "completed"
WHERE      `membertomship_startdate` > "0000-00-00" AND
GROUP BY   `membertomship_startdate`;

SELECT COUNT(member_id) JOIN membertomshiptable USING(member_id)
     JOIN membershipstatustypetable ON mshipstatustype_id=membershipstatustype_id
     WHERE membertomship_startdate <= 'XXXX-XX-XX' 
     AND membershipstatusname='complete'

If you know the status ID you want to check you could avoid the last JOIN. You might also need to specify an end date as well if you're looking for a specific month.

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