check if object is a textbox - javascript

I understand that we can use (javascript)

if (typeof textbox === "object") { } 

but are there methods which will allow me to ensure that the object is a textbox?


var isInputText = obj instanceof HTMLInputElement && obj.type == 'text';

Are you looking for something like this?

if(textbox.tagName && textbox.tagName.toLowerCase() == "textarea") {
    alert('this is a textarea');

If you need to know if it's a text input, you can do this:

if(textbox.tagName && textbox.tagName.toLowerCase() == "input" && textbox.type.toLowerCase() == "text") {
    alert('this is a text input');

If it's a text input you're looking for:

if (textbox.tagName == "input" && textbox.getAttribute("type") == "text") {
   // it's a text input

If you're looking for a textarea

if (textbox.tagName == "textarea") {
  // it's a textarea

I think perhaps you would want to get a reference to an element, and then check for the return value of .type i.e.

var element = document.getElementById('element_in_question');
if(element.type == "textarea"){
  console.log('I must be textarea');

if(textbox instanceof HTMLInputElement && textbox.getAttribute("type") == "text") { alert("I'm an input text element"); }

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