DBVisualizer/SQL Explorer will not connect to the right DB instance

I am trying to connect to a SQL Server instance in DBVisualizer on ubuntu and for some reason unknown to me it incessantly connects to the wrong instance. The target is a Windows Server that is running multiple instances of SQL Server on it. I am trying to connect to it using the following string:


However quite amusingly, it continuously connects to srv\sql1 even though my connection string points to sql2 and not sql1. I can connect to the right db instance (sql2) using SSMS on Windows perfectly fine.

I am having the same issue when I try to connect to this DB using SQL Explorer in Eclipse

Am I missing something here?


Not sure if you still need the answer for this but try using this connection string in DBvisulizer.


Port 1433 is the static port of the default instance. Try connecting to the redirector on port 1434 and specifying the instance name property in your connection string.

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