Startscreen in iPad shows 2 splash-screens

I have the problem that starting my app on iPad shows me 2 splash-screens. First one is correct iPad-splash. Second seems to be the splash of iPhone app (replaces the first one after about 500ms).

The devices-option in build settings is set to "universal".

Filenames for the images are:

  • Default-Landscape~ipad.png
  • Default-Portrait~ipad.png
  • Default@2x.png
  • Default.png (in that order, not sure if that matters)

has anyone an idea why this happens?

Thx in advance. max


Simply add a Default~ipad.png file to your project for a iPad specific splash. The Default.png is meant for iPhone. For more info, see also the good blog entry Icons and launch images for iPhone and iPad apps.

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